Brazilian HIV Clinical Forum Meeting – Integrase Inhibitors – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

12 September 2017 – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

European HIV Clinical Forum Meeting – Integrase Inhibitors – Milan, Italy

24 October 2017 – Milan, Italy


  • Are you enthusiastic about sharing clinical and research experience with your colleagues in an independent and interactive setting?
  • Are you attracted by state-of-the art lectures by experts in the field?
  • Are you interested in discussing your and your colleagues’ challenging clinical cases with Key Opinion Leaders?

HIV FORA create a unique platform aimed at enhancing the clinical knowledge of healthcare professionals working in the field of HIV therapy.
A series of HIV Fora will be organized to stimulate sharing clinical experience and research results.
This year’s forum will focus on Integrase Inhibitors and will be held on October 20th prior to the EACS meeting.

In addition to organizing live MEETINGS, the HIV-FORA platform will also provide you with the latest NEWS on HIV Integrase Inhibitors and allows SHARING of presentations and webcasts. For HIV_FORA members, an online FORUM functionality is available to discuss interesting data.

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